Where is the position for Dow of 30,000 in our relative space and time models? Well, Dow is about to go across the fundamentals.

It is safe to assume that every major player in the market can access all new information simultaneously while we can not assume that a consensus can be obtained quickly since people digest info in different ways. However, if we can assume that people do not usually change their ways to handle new info, we have an opportunity, with the help of Machines Learning algorithms, to figure out the models behind the transactions and thus to estimate the consensus before the market does.

This is actually how our space/time relativity model work in evaluating stocks and indexes.

Starting from the Dow 29,000 based on an average 10 years' multiple on early Feb,2020, we went through all factors including the pandemic lockdown, fiscal stimulus, consumer preference, dollars, and vaccines, and we stopped before Dow 30,000.

Welcome to this relative world - RFQ Relativity of Microeconomy !