A Machine Learning Algorithms-backed Computing Platform for Economy Policy Makers, Business Decision Makers, and Equity and other Assets Managers, RFQ Relativity has derived from a dream of finding the key to a universal equation of economy growth with personal consumption and other parameters including borrowing costs, currency, and fiscal policies.

By leveraging our proprietary economy and finance models with smoothly merged ML/DL algorithms, we develop innovative methods to trace, measure, and forecast key parameters in the economy and financial market.

Our products are built on the computing platform composed of a four dimension economic model, linear industry value chain structure, time/space relative valuation theories, and a deeply segmented sector & company database. These technologies enable us to compute matrices among every pixel of an economic image and thus extract information critical in the decision making process from macro-economy to micro-economy.

If you are interested in the following information, the accuracy of which is being largely improved by our innovative computing platform, we recommend you to subscribe by contacting us:

  • Economy and industry growth (volume/price) prediction - long/short term covering fully segmented industries
  • Stock recommendation for high frequency trading and in special situations
  • Portfolio trading strategies – Equity/Quantitative style
  • Pricing and Management  for other assets - Fixed Income, FX, and Derivatives
  • Financial diagnostics for business operation

In addition, you may also want to dig up our database for industry information, financial data, and metrics of your company or your targeted company.