We group industries as the the same way as national account groups gross economy activities under the method of expenditure – product and service for end users.

Personal Consumption Expenditure and residential housing.

Our economy research indicates that consumers have always been the most fundamental and even the only driver in the whole human’s economy history and it has been human’s demands for either new products and services or bigger amount of existing products and services or both to lead economy activities to next level. Therefore,  those industries that provide product and service for end users have No.1 priority in our research.

Company Investment for capital goods and intangible goods. 

We define those goods as equipment, software, and others that are not fully expensed by companies in final products &services in the same year when purchased. In our priority hierarchy of economy activities, those products are not as important as personal consumption products in terms of their roles in economy activities.

Industry and Business Services

Company's spending on industry and commercial services that is fully expensed in final product and service in the year when purchased.

Intermediary products and basic materials.

Raw materials and intermediary products for non-end users as the necessary nodes on our value chain of industry/sector.