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All of our products have been built on a Machine Learning/Deep Learning algorithms-backed computing platform composed of a four dimension economic model, linear industry value chain structure, time/space relative valuation theories, and a deeply segmented sector & company database.

Our technology platform enables us to help our customers from diversified categories of economic activities and capital markets such as macro-economy management, asset allocation, business management/budgeting, fundamental/quant/long-short equity trading, PE/M&A/Distressed Debt pricing/valuation, and trading strategies for fixed income, FX, and derivatives.

Our quarterly Equity Research/Quantitative Trading Strategy, which is primarily generated from our economy/industry data and our computing platform, focus on provide quick stock valuation after earning call and optimization of portfolios. The information, which is generated by our unprecedented computing way serves mainly stock investors in high frequency trading and quantitative trading.

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Philosophy behind our valuation method and trading strategy

Our research has been based on such an assumption that there are some of factors in evaluating stocks that are not likely to be accurately and quantitatively estimated, primarily people's behaviors including investors' and consumers'.  The benefit of our service, for public stocks investors, just comes from our relative valuation method, which is targeted at ruling out uncertainties involved in consumers' behaviors on the basis of our theory of space relativity and in investors' behaviors on the basis of our theory of time relativity.

For details of our method, please read  "micro-economy relativity" from our learning center.

However, we admit that the relativity itself is also relative,which means that it is not likely to rule out all impacts on revenue from changes in consumers and as well impacts on risk/return from changes in investors. Therefore, our recommendation is said to be only a relative recommendation, which means that if we prefer one company to its peers in some certain moment, by holding it rather than its peers, you relatively lower the firm specific risks.

In addition, we also admit that for some moments some more certain and easily quantized factors, such as changes in sensitivity of margin to sales or financing structure, may also become unpredictable and cause stock’s price to temporarily slide away from the track.

For details of our valuation, please read   "how to evaluate a stock" from our learning center.

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