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All of our products have been built on a Machine Learning/Deep Learning algorithms-backed computing platform composed of a four dimension economic model, linear industry value chain structure, time/space relative valuation theories, and a deeply segmented sector & company database.

Our technology platform enables us to help our customers from diversified categories of economic activities and capital markets such as macro-economy management, asset allocation, business management/budgeting, fundamental/quant/long-short equity trading, PE/M&A/Distressed Debt pricing/valuation, and trading strategies for fixed income, FX, and derivatives.

Our monthly Economy/Industry Projection, which primarily derives from the first part of our computing platform, focus on predicting growth in demand from volume to price and from peers, industry to the whole economy. The information, which is generated by our unprecedented computing way and includes Macro-economy/Industry Early Signals, Forecasting, and Price/Cost Shifting,  serves mainly economy policy makers, business decision makers, and stock investors.

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Based on our relativity study method,  our data provides the most narrowed segmentation, which allows you to compare with your closest peers who are competing in exactly same product and service market and thus guarantees noise-free metrics&benchmark and customized analysis including marketing strategy, operation management, and financing alternative.

Our database is still in the process of building up and currently covering most of industries and sectors of consumers’ product and service and residential building except for health care, communication, transportation, and finance.

By using our service, you can firstly identify your peers and your industry/sector in my database (click the link below) where you can access your industry and sector information and its key financials. Since those information is only the byproducts of our macro-economy study it is presented in our database as a basic and highly summarized status.

However,  we suggest you to firstly go to our docs center (click the lick below) to learn our philosophies, methodologies, and concepts, which we think are necessary to better understand how we conduct our analysis and valuation.