Fed’s addiction to QE will end up in taxing wealth and fixing roads?

** Quantitative easing is a result of changes in US labor productivity.
** Tax hike on wealth presents an ideal way to end QE in the 3 yrs vision.
** Hyper inflation may jump out to destroy the wonderful ideal.

The ultimate economic driver is consumption. However, Europe and Japan are aging and the young consumers of US do not have competitive productivity. After the failed attempt to lure consumption on housing, a fake consumer's goods, US has embraced QE, an inefficient method to compensate employers for hiring in low productivity segments.

US has ambition and strength to end QE. Unfortunately, it can not afford an immediate rate hike, which will worsen interest burden of its post-pandemic debt. In addition, people do not want an equity market's collapse when they just moved in the WH. Therefore, more tax revenue is needed to pay interests and support equity market. Since low productivity makes economic natural growth undependable, WH turns to tax rate hike.

While investing in education may be more sustainable, taxing wealth will work unless inflation loses control before this wonderful ideal of taxing and spending becomes true or the systematic inequality causes people to pursue an alternative one.